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was established in 1919. After the Second World War it was closed. It was restored in 2002. The exhibition of the restored museum is located in five halls:
* Introductory exhibition – a story about the history and individuals who made it; exhibition of books about the history of schools.
* Memorial – the personal belongings of and exhibits prepared by the founder of the museum J. Siliņš and initiator of the creation of museums of schools in Latvia J. Greste.
* Dome School class – a chance to feel the atmosphere of a middle age school; historical items from the oldest school in Baltic states – Riga Dome School, which is going to 800 years old in 2011.
* A scene from 18th – 19th century school life is highlighted by the arrangement of class, teaching and visual aids and school uniforms and hats.
* Exhibition about the education in Riga from 1918 till nowadays is under construction at the moment.

Address: Kr. Barona 99, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia
For visitor tel. 0037127006031,

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